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Tips to Unwind with your Child During Winter Break

This school year has been the most interesting and challenging one that we have ever seen. As the holidays approach, it is important to practice self-care with your child. Here are some tips to unwind with your child during winter break.

Take a break from screens

Due to virtual learning students have been on the computer more than normal and research has shown the negative effect of excessive screen time. To replace screens, have your scholar pick up a book that is interesting and fun for their reading pleasure. Children can also play games like connect four or monopoly that are fun and allow them to think.


This school year has been challenging for all of us. Make sure to give your child a chance to talk about how they are feeling and their goals for the new year.

Keep routines

School starts back in less than two weeks, so make sure your child is keeping a decent routine including eating healthy and getting adequate rest to make sure they are prepared for school in January 2021.

Thank you for working hard this school year. Take a break, you and your child deserve it!

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