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We take pride in transforming students and teachers' classroom mathematics experience.

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Planning &

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Professional Development & Coaching

WHM offers math PDs that inspire teachers to improve their math teaching craft. PDs are hands-on and thought provoking for all participants. Our PDs work to sharpen high level teaching skills so that teachers can understand the benefits of mathematical thinking in the classroom. Teachers leave with tools that can be directly applied to classroom instruction. Reach out to discover PD offerings.

Why Hate Math provides math consulting services directly to schools and school districts. Through this component of our company, we offer math professional development, math consulting to administrators, math coaching to teachers, workshops, and in-school tutoring. Why Hate Math is a recognized vendor for the New York City Department of Education.

Read more about our school offerings below.

Consulting to School Leadership

Math Coaching

WHM works with school leaders to develop goals for math growth and proficiency for the school year. Goals are usually based on district needs as well as personal school achievement objectives. After development goals we work with school leaders to ensure that their math vision comes into fruition. This may be accomplished through extensive math planning, professional development, assessment creation, and data analysis based on Next Generation Learning standards. We also work with leaders to find the best technology, resources, tools and materials to purchase for the school based on the highest value.

WHM works to create positive relationships with teachers to understand their needs to improve math instruction while preventing burnout. We meet with teachers to understand how we can support their math instruction. This support includes coaching on content knowledge, teaching different strategies on a specific standard, and understanding how to best deliver content to their students. Teachers are able to speak with our consultants for any needs they may have through the duration of our coaching engagement.

Direct Services to Students

WHM also works directly with schools to provide math intervention and tutoring on-site. After school services include test prep and tutoring for current classroom curriculum. We work with small groups K-2, 3-5 and middle school upon request. We assess school data to understand the lowest scored proficiency based on state exams and work with students to develop those skills through strategy based learning. Further, we create and implement STEM activities for students based on school request.

School Consultation
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