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Why Hate Math (WHM) is a math education company offering high quality math services to students. This offering enables students to be globally competitive and prepares them to engage in STEM innovation, careers, and leadership. WHM accomplishes these goals through two components. The first component involves providing math tutoring services directly to students in K-12 and adult learners in college or continuing education. The second component involves providing math consulting services directly to schools and school districts. This second component offers math professional development, math consulting to administrators, math coaching to teachers, workshops, and in-school tutoring. 

Candace Shaw, Founder & Mathematician

Candace Shaw is the founder of Why Hate Math, a tutoring company teaching students to think analytically, logically, and creatively through math. Candace has a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Spelman College and a master's in business administration from Georgia State University. Candace background also includes training in biostatistics research, specifically in the area of mental health. As the lead tutor at Why Hate Math, Candace uses mindful math techniques to unlock students' potential and reduce math anxiety.


Candace has experience as an entrepreneur, business analyst and systems architect and works to connect mathematical principles to all areas of life. In addition to running her tutoring company, Candace serves as a mathematics consultant to public schools in the New York City region.

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