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Math Tutoring is a Form of Therapy

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! This month, we are discussing ways that math can be used to promote positive mental health. Math is a mental experience and can be used in ways to help with student mental health. Here are some ways math tutoring is a therapeutic experience for so many students:

Reduce Anxiety.

Math anxiety exists and can show up in the form of fear of failure, nervousness, and apprehension. Math tutoring helps to reduce this anxiety by giving students skills and confidence they may not get in the classroom (because of embarrassment to ask questions or time constraints).

Less behavioral problems.

Students often act out because they just do not understand the material being taught. Math tutoring helps students understand the material so that they do not use behavior as a way to distract from the real issue.

Improved Self-Confidence.

Math tutoring increases self-confidence because tutors support even small wins. Using positive praise has been proven to help students feel confident and even master topics they thought they were incapable of doing.

Reducing embarrassment and shame.

In math tutoring, mistakes are okay. Students feel embarrassment and possibly shame when they make mistakes. In math tutoring, we aim to let students know that mistakes are okay and the best way to learn.

Support System.

We talk about other topics in math tutoring than just math. Relationship building allows students to feel safe. We become a part of the student’s support system which can be a therapeutic environment.

Help with Repressed Emotions.

Believe it or not, math can be a trigger for some adults who did not do well in school. Some parents even subconsciously pass on the fear of math to their children. Math tutoring can help parents and their children understand that there is nothing to fear in math!

Math tutoring can be so much more than help with understanding math. To learn more about the math services offered at Why Hate Math, book a free consultation today!

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