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Why Hate Math is a math tutoring company that offers one-on-one  tutoring, group sessions and test prep to students in NYC and virtually anywhere in the world! 

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Candace has been tutoring both my boys for the past year and has been Amazing! She is very knowledgeable and patient and is not just a tutor, but also a mentor to both of my kids. Since Candace has been tutoring my kids, I have seen how much they have improved in math. They also enjoy the subject. I can’t  thank Candace enough for what she has done for my kids. I truly appreciate her!

Tamisha H./Brooklyn, NY

My son was going to the 4th grade and I was looking for a Math Tutor.  Ms. Shaw was highly recommended by a parent.  After meeting with Ms. Shaw, it was obvious to me that she was very knowledgeable, very dedicated to her work, confident about her strategies and approaches, and very passionate about her service delivery and outcomes. My son and my daughter were previously struggling in math however they are both doing very well. Having Ms. Shaw has decreased their level of frustration and have increased their confidence with their approach to math. We have transitioned to virtual tutoring due to the current Covid-19 situation and having the support that Ms. Shaw provides helps them be more successful with understanding when completing their math work.