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Candace Shaw, founder & mathematician

Candace Shaw has a Bachelors Degree in mathematics from Spelman College and a Masters in Business Administration from Georgia State University. With over ten years experience teaching and tutoring math to all grade levels, Candace has the ability to enrich student's strengths while working on their weaknesses. Candace has the keys to unlock blocked math areas while promoting students to the next math level. 

Candace has experience as a business analyst, connecting mathematical principals to business. Currently, Candace serves as a mathematics learning specialist at a charter school in Brooklyn, New York.

Christelle Louirentus, mathematician/lead tutor

Christelle Louirentus has Bachelors Degree in mathematics from St. Joseph College with a minor in criminal justice and mental health. Christelle also has a Masters Degree in Math Secondary Education. Christelle challenges students to think intellectually to thoroughly understand math problems.

Christelle has over three years math teaching experience and serves as a content specialist at a charter school in Brooklyn, New York.

Temitopae Leshi, tutor

Temitopae Leshi has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information System and currently works as an operating systems programmer and analyst. Her goal is to nurture and encourage young minds to be interested in STEM by building a solid foundation in mathematics such that they become critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

Meleisha Ranger, tutor

 Meleisha recently graduated from the University of Albany with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and a minor in psychology. Math has always been her favorite subject. She hopes to make math easier for students to understand so that their love for math may grow.

Faberley Lochard, operations manager


Faberley Lochard has a Bachelors degree in psychology from SUNY Albany with a minor in sociology and neuroscience.She has joined the team to help manage the growing business.

While working here she is also looking into getting certified in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). She has worked with children for over 10 years and would like to pursue a career working with children with developmental disabilities.