Why hate math offers pre-evaluation test to gauge scholar's level of achievement in math. Assessments are used to determine scholar's strengths and weaknesses in math as well as reading comprehension which is an integral component of fully succeeding in math. Assessments are also used to find what skills students may be possibly missing from previous grade levels.


A specialized learning plan is created for each individual

scholar based on his or her needs as discovered from

the assessment. The plan outlines skills that will be

taught weekly to each scholar. The plan also includes

SMART goals which include measurable outcomes.

All SMART goals include classroom success.





Why hate math offers one-to-one tutoring in our office, student's homes, libraries, schools and through virtual tutoring. Each scholar that receives one-to-one tutoring will work with a math coach that understands their needs and works with a math coach that understands their needs and works with the student to address those needs. Our one-to-one tutoring helps students develop their math skills, improve grades and increase their confidence.


Why hate math offers group tutoring for SAT/ACT Prep and other state examinations. We group students based on grade and skill level to encourage engagement and interactivity.


Common Core Mathematics• Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry • Trigonometry • State Exams • SAT/ACT Prep • Pre-Calculus • SHSAT • GRE Prep • Adult Sessions


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