Why Hate Math is a subsidiary of Quadrant One STEM Center founded by mathematics educator, Candace Shaw. The goal of the tutoring company is to transform students who typically have a difficult time passing in math into students who excel in math. Since 2018, Why Hate Math has helped dozens of students gain a STEM identity and gain confidence in math. This is accomplished through connecting math to everyday analytical, logical and critical thinking.

Candace Shaw,   founder & mathematician

Candace Shaw has a Bachelors Degree in mathematics from Spelman College and a Masters in Business Administration from Georgia State University. With over ten years experience teaching and tutoring math to all grade levels, Candace has the ability to enrich student's strengths while working on their weaknesses. Candace has the keys to unlock blocked math areas while promoting students to the next math level. 

Candace has experience as a business analyst, connecting mathematical principals to business. Currently, Candace serves as a mathematics learning specialist at a charter school in Brooklyn, New York.

Christelle Louirentus, mathematician

Christelle Louirentus has Bachelors Degree in mathematics from St. Joseph College with a minor in criminal justice and mental health. Christelle also has a Masters Degree in Math Secondary Education. Christelle challenges students to think intellectually to thoroughly understand math problems.

Christelle has over three years math teaching experience and serves as a content specialist at a charter school in Brooklyn, New York.


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